Global Justice: Preview Edition

Getting ready for United Nations Development Goals for 2030

In Search of Healing

Paul Mutangwa, born in exile in Uganda, returns to Rwanda days after the genocide ended in July 1994 to begin the work of hope and healing that best represents the Rwanda of today.

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ADRA Canada

People of Peace

Tens of thousands of Pakistanis, headed up by Mohammed Tahseen and South Asia Partnership Pakistan, struggle for democracy, religious tolerance, women's equity and agrarian reform.

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South Asian Partnership


Building a School in Honduras

Fifteen teenagers, working side by side with Honduran NGO Project Rural Reconstruction, (Edmonton, Kitchener, Mississauga, Guelph, Brampton) set out to build a school in two weeks.

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World Accord

Mobilizing for Change

Canadians inspired to serve overseas often join existing non-governmental organizations or they go on to found their own.

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Development Alternative

The work of Drs. Sylvia Estrada and Junice Melgar, co-founders of Likhaanm a national feminist health organization in the Philippines.

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Inter Pares

Strength from the Ground Up

Haitian Madsen Gachette is appointed to head up a new Haiti-based national office to support community development projects for Canadian Feed the Children.

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Canadian Feed the Children

Women of the North

CUSO cooperant Karen Clarke and her many friends in Maata N Tudu, a grassroots micro enterprise organization in Northern Ghana.

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Grains of Life

Guyana's rice growers have banded together to lessen poverty level for their communities; now they look at the new trade rules, which are making them poorer than ever.

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Oxfam Canada

Against All Odds

The people of rural Malawi learn to survive and thrive as they battle the effects of HIV/AIDS and its impact on food security.

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Making a Living

Canadian and Dominican Republic groups work together on food security and workers' conditions, but trade and globalization trends impede the process.

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Changing Hearts, Changing Communities

Canadian Baha'is Sherif Rushdy and Shaku Ranigam founders of the New Era Development Instiute (NEDI) in Panchgani, India work to bring a well-rounded education to remote communities in India.

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Canadian Baha'i Community

Education for Life

In the mid 1980's, leaders from the poor communities of Mombasa, Kenya requested assistance in improving the overall education of their youth.

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Aga Khan Foundation

Mobilizing Against HIV/AIDS

Tanzanians find creative ways to involve the entire community in the fight to prevent HIV/AIDS.

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World Vision Canada


Child's Work

Peru's 16-year-old child labour leader Jose Wilfredo Sanchez Porras ("Pepe") travels to Toronto to be guest speaker at World Youth Day in 2002.

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Development and Peace

A Tale of Two Cities

The municipalities of Tubigon in the Philippines and Portage la Prairie in Manitoba form a unique partnership, and laern from each other ways to improve the quality of life for their citizens.

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Dongo Development

For more than 20 years, Peter Timmerman has been committed to fighting Africa's problems of poverty, hunger, homelessness, disease and disaster.

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World Renew


Making Children Matter

Laura Thompso and Samuel Fuakye, two university students, travel to Tema, Ghana where Samuel grew up in a SOS Children's Village.

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SOS Children's Villages Canada


Credit Where it's Due

Nicaraguan Martha Espinoza Osorio received a small loan of $150 to start a business that has helped her move out of poverty and put her four children through university.

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Opportunity International