Canadian Aboriginal History


The Story of Dr. Olive Dickason (1920-2011) and her significant contribution to Canadian Aboriginal History

Introducing Dr. Olive Dickason

Tracing the early milestones in the life of a woman who would become one of Canada’s pre-eminent Aboriginal Peoples historians.

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New Ways to Study Old History

Until the work of Dr. Olive Dickason, the academic history world did not deem Aboriginal Peoples history as a legitimate area of research and writing.

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A Multi-Discipline Approach to History

Dr. Olive Dickason was able to invent new academic methods to study Canadian Aboriginal history.

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Giving Voice to the Voiceless

When Dr. Olive Dickason first set out to write the history of her early ancestors, she found that the descendants of North America’s First Peoples had been without a voice for centuries. She would be among the first to help them end their silence.

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