Welcome to MadonnaHouseTV, the new internet TV site for the Madonna House Apostolate of Combermere, Ontario.


Through the twelve internet videos and lesson plans you will discover a new religious community and how it started in a tiny Canadian community and ended up having outreach all over the world.


Founded in the late 1940s by the
charismatic Russian émigré Catherine de Hueck Doherty and her husband Edward Doherty, the Madonna House Apostolate today is a family of more than 200
Christian lay men, women and priests striving to lives the lessons of love taught by Jesus Christ. Located in Combermere, Ontario, as part of the Diocese of Pembroke and under its bishop, Michael Mulhall, Madonna House today includes field houses across Canada, the US and internationally, including Russia.


If you feel interested in knowing more about this journey of love, take a look at these videos and find out for yourself. This may be the community you have been looking for.






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