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Meet Hannah, Zachary, Cassandra and Nadia, newest ambassadors for Holy Childhood Association of Canada.




Hannah, Zachary, Cassandra and Nadia are drama students at St. Elizabeth Catholic Secondary School, Thornhill, Ontario (York Catholic District School Board). They put their talents to work to animate ten Holy Childhood productions that take viewers around the world and into some of the worst poverty on earth -- along with the good news of how kids across Canada are successfully helping out.


In fact the whole drama department ended up helping out, led by teacher Mr. Jamal Warda of the arts department and Mrs. Anne Carey of the guidance department. Additional actors included: Jennifer Colarusso, Carmela Paglia, Natasha Pagliuca, Vanessa Pummer, Massimo Ruberto. Production assistants included Elizabeth Cyrus, Emily Livi.


So with the help of these wonderful students at St. Elizabeth’s, let Holy Childhood take you on an adventure to explore the lives of children around the world! Together we can make the world a better place.











Ever wonder what Catholic missionaries are all about? Where they come from, what they do, why they do it?
How we can help?

We are pleased to present a brand new series of programs featuring stories, people and issues from the Roman Catholic missionary world. For those of you wishing to go back to the first volume of mission stories, just click on "More Stories from the Misions" at the bottom right of the programs on this page.

In the new series, we are presenting stories from three countries never before filmed by the English Canadian branch of Pontifical Missions Societies: India, South Africa and Zambia.

We have captured here important glimpses of the Church at work in some of the poorest yet most exciting parts of the world.





Society for the Propagation of the Faith



What It Means To Be a Missionary in Today's Global Church

And how Canadian parishioners help to make it all happen

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