Home of Joy

Home of Joy is one of several homes in Zambia run by the Church and, in particular its religious sisters, in order to help with orphaned children, the most vulnerable of the country’s HIV AIDS affected victims. With more than one million children left parentless by the disease, there is almost no one in the country who has not been affected.



Program Ten: Home of Joy



  • Missions Today (the magazine published by the Propagation of the Faith/English Canadian Branch. Online version.


Study Guide


The goal of Program Ten is to introduce people to the children orphaned by the country’s HIV-AIDS crises and how the Church is helping out with food, shelter and education. Interviews with Archbishop Telesphore George Mpundu, Fr. Leonard Namuhumba, and Sr. Ruby Sesu.


1. Show the internet TV DVD Program Ten: Home of Joy

2. Ask students to form small groups to describe the following:

  • What are some of the facts regarding Zambia’s HIV-AIDS crises?
  • How do Canadians help through the Holy Childhood Association?
  • Give three reasons why Canadian Catholics should support the
    care of HIV-AIDS orphans in Zambia?

3. Option for Take-Home Assignment

Via the Internet find more facts about:

  • The life of Zambia’s orphans.
  • How does the Church help with these orphans?
  • Describe how students can help through the Holy Childhood Association.

In groups, make presentations to the class about any or all of the above.