Dream For Peace

The story of Fr. Patrick Sohail’s work to found Taangh Wasaib Tanzeem (TWT) also known as "Learning for the Fullness of Humanity."



Dream for Peace



  • Missions Today (the magazine published by the Propagation of the Faith/English Canadian Branch. Online version.


Study Guide


The goal of this program is to introduce students to the presence of the Catholic Church in Pakistan though the character of Fr. Patrick Sohail and his work with Taangh Wasaib Tanzeem (TWT) also known as "Learning for the Fullness of Humanity." To better understand what it is like to be part of a minority religion. To better understand how the church tries to help through interfaith understanding and through social justice teaching with emphasis on child labour.


1. Show this program Dream for Peace

2. Ask students to form small groups to describe the following:

  • What does Pakistan look and sound like? Why would you like to visit?
  • Who is Fr. Patrick Sohail and what is he trying to do.
  • What have we learned about the Catholic Church in Pakistan? What have we learn about Fr. Patrick’s deep faith and how it is a part of his everyday life?
  • Describe Fr. Patrick’s organization Taangh Wasaib Tanzeem (TWT--also known as "Learning for the Fullness of Humanity")and what it focuses on.
  • Give three reasons why Canadian Catholics should support Fr. Patrick’s work and the work of the Church in Pakistan.

3. Option for Take-Home Assignment

Via the Internet find more facts about:

  • The Church in Pakistan and what it is like to be a minority religion in that country.
  • Describe the different faiths that co-exist in Pakistan
  • Describe the status of women there
  • Describe the situation of child labourers there
  • Describe how students can hep Propagation of the Faith support Catholics and their work in Pakistan
  • Locate Fr. Patrick’s parish on a map of Pakistan

In groups, make presentations to the class about any or all of the above.