Becoming Redemptorist Apostolic Community

How one decides to join the Redemptorist Apostolic Community.



Program One: Becoming Redemptorist Apostolic Community



  • Church Eucharist documents: Sacramentum Caritatis (Sacrament of Charity) Pope Benedict XV, Apostolic letter on Eucharist/John Paul II, Catholic Catechism
  • Internet access for additional research questions


Study Guide


The goal of Program One is to introduce students to the Redemptorists and how they work as a community.


1. Show the video - "Program One: Becoming Redemptorist Apostolic Community"

2. Ask students to form small groups to describe the following impressions from the video:

  • Who is are the leading speakers in the video and what do we find out about them in this video?
  • Who are the Redemptorists?
  • What did you know after viewing the video that you didn't know before?
  • Give three reasons why Canadian Catholics should support the work of the Redemptorists.

3. Option for Take-Home Assignment

Via the internet find more facts about:

  • Redemptorists and different aspects of their work today
  • The founder of the Redemptorists and the work he did.
  • In groups, make presentations to the class about any or all of the above. Include suggestions on how students could become more involved with the work of Redemptorists.