Seeds in the Community

Kingston Area Seed System Initiative and the Heirloom Seed Sanctuary work together on seed preservation, helping local gardeners and farmers
learn how to preserve and regenerate their seeds annually.



Program Eight: Seeds in the Community


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Study Guide


The goal of Program Eight is to educate viewers on the impact of the Sisters seed preservation efforts and why this work is a model for all Canadians.


1. Show the video "Program Eight: Seeds in the Community"

2. Ask students to form small groups to describe the following impressions from the video:

  • What is Seedy Saturday and why is it important?
  • What is Kingston Area Seed System Initiative's mandate?
  • Why is collecting Heirloom Seeds very important?
  • Are seeds disappearing from seed catalogues?

3. Option for Take-Home Assignment. Using the internet, find more facts about:

  • Seedy Saturday events and if there are any in your
  • Seed Saving workshops in your area.
  • Ways to save seeds.
  • How Canadian Catholics can support the work of Sisters of Providence.