Liturgy in Focus

For the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent DePaul, liturgy is the heart and soul of daily spiritual practice.
It is also the foundation of every social justice initiative they undertake.



Program Five: Liturgy in Focus


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Study Guide


The goal of Program Five is to show how good liturgy is a team effort and how it serves the Sisters and the entire community of Kingston.


1. Show the video "Program Five: Liturgy in Focus"

2. Ask students to form small groups to describe the following impressions from the video:

  • In what ways did the Sisters shape their chapel so it could
    represent them properly?
  • Who is invited to the Sister's liturgy and what has been
    some of the feedback?
  • Why is liturgy important to the Sisters of Providence?

3. Option for Take-Home Assignment. Using the internet, find more facts about:

  • What is the Liturgy Committee Statement of Purpose?
  • What are the Liturgy Committee's responsibilities?
  • Ways to get involved in liturgy in your community.
  • How Canadian Catholics can support the work of Sisters of Providence.