Sacred Marriage

Madonna House's family retreat program, called Cana Colony, provides a unique way for families to learn together how to incarnate the Gospel
in daily life with reflection from Joanne Weisbeck, director, Cana Colony: Madonna House.



Program Three: Sacred Marriage


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A Woman in Love: A docudrama on the life of Catherine Doherty Click Here


Nazareth Family Spirituality Click Here
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Marriage: A Fountain of Grace Click Here
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Mothering: Becoming the Heart of the Home Click Here
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Fathering: Building the New Civilization of Love Click Here
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Gall and Honey:The Story of a Newspaperman Click Here
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The Life of Catherine de Hueck Doherty Click Here
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The Life of Eddie Doherty Click Here
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Study Guide


The goal of Program Three is to introduce students to Cana Colony for families and Catherine Doherty's relationship with Edward Doherty.


1. Show the video "Program Three: Sacred Marriage"

2. Ask students to form small groups to discuss the following:

  • What is Cana Colony? Why is it called that name? Whom does it serve?
  • What do families do there? What do they learn there? Would you like to go with your family? Why or why not?
  • Why did Catherine Doherty begin Cana Colony? Who asked her to care for families and why?
  • Who was Eddie Doherty? How did he meet Catherine? Why did he and Catherine take a promise of chastity?

3. Option for Take-Home Assignment. Find out more about:

  • Cana Colony and other family retreat centers. How are they different and how the same?
  • Eddie Doherty's life.
  • The Church’s teaching on the sacrament of Matrimony.