Discerning Vocations

How people experience the life at Madonna House and decide whether it’s for them. Formation of Madonna House Staff.



Program Twelve: Discerning Vocations


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The People of the Towel and Water. Click Here
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Soul of My Soul: Coming to the Heart of Prayer. Click HereCatherine Doherty. Madonna House Publications. 2009.

Living the Gospel Without Compromise.  Click Here
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Going Home.  Click Here
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I Believe: Living the Apostles’ Creed.  Click Here
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Not Without Parables: Stories of Yesterday, Today and Eternity. Click Here
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Study Guide


The goal of Program Twelve is to introduce students to the process of discernment of a vocation to Madonna House, and to the daily life of a Madonna House applicant.


1. Show the video "Program Twelve: Discerning Vocations"

2. Ask students to form small groups to discuss the following:

  • What kinds of work do applicants do at Madonna House?

  • What is discernment of a vocation? What are some signs that someone may have a vocation to Madonna House?

  • What did the applicants say about what drew them to MH?

  • What are the promises that Madonna House members make? Why would someone give their life to God in this way?

3. Option for Take-Home Assignment. Find out more about:

  • Vocations in the Catholic Church. What a vocation to Madonna House entails.
  • Programs for Visiting Guests at Madonna House.
  • How you could or would discern your own vocation.