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March 6 - August 28, 2024



Faye Arellano

In my adult faith journey, I have always considered the Blessed Virgin Mary as the first and most perfect disciple to imitate. She’s is a model for the church and also our mother, who leads us to her Son, Jesus, so that we may all embrace the true meaning of living the gospel life. For the Word of God to be alive, it has to play out in our daily life. And that is especially true in a life lived for others.

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Fr. Tony Bidgood, CSsR

On the feast of the Ascension, we like to imagine Jesus ascending into the clouds and being seated at the right hand of God. We imagine choirs of angels, flowing, robes – all clean, sanitized, holy and powerful images. But if we look into the human heart for Jesus, we see something much different.

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Fr. Ed Eherer, CSsR

We’re quick to judge others, to point out how they don’t measure up, forgetting our own failings.

In the pages of Scripture, we are constantly reminded of God’s mercy and forgiveness. Again and again, God shows an abundance of patience and mercy to the people of Israel, even though they often forget their covenant with God.

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Bishop Jon Hansen, CSsR

We're surrounded by signs. Sometimes people say God is invisible. Where is this God that you have your faith in? Why doesn't God show himself? Well, I say God does show himself. God always shows himself. God is always giving us signs that we can see.

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Fr. Peter Hill, CSsR

Are we doing what we're called to do as Christians, which is, to love. And so, be perfect as your heavenly Father's perfect, I think simply means, look at Jesus. Look at God. And how did God love? It was that perfect love, because he never stopped loving. It was that perfect love, because that's all God knows how to do. 

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Dr. Josephine Lombardi

Mary’s tender gaze supported and encouraged her Son and his followers throughout their journey. That same tender gaze accompanies us throughout the various seasons of our lives. Mary’s whole being reveals God’s plan for all humanity. We are called to love and show love with our actions, including our facial expressions.

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Fr. David Louch, CSsR

The legacy of the Second Vatican Council over five decades is immeasurable. If you are old enough, make a mental picture of Church life then and now and you will see a dramatic difference – and not only in the liturgy with the full, conscious and active participation of the whole congregation and the priest facing them.

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Maria Luxbacher

Ever since I converted to the Catholic Faith, I have thought about how privileged Catholics are to have Mary as a mother in their journey through the Valley of Tears (our life on earth) which is so wonderful at times but also many times so painful.

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Jennifer Martin

At some point in your prayer, allow the Holy Spirit to guide you and let the prayer turn into a conversation. Imagine yourself sitting there and talking to Mary. Talk to her like she is your friend. Bring a struggle to her, ask her for advice or just talk. You really do get clarity and it is a beautiful grace and very calming. It is humbling.

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Marileen McCabe

Down through the centuries, for those of us who pray, we go first to Mary. We take our problems to her. The big ones and the small ones. And we get answers. Not always what we are expecting. Not always what we were planning for. Over the years I have learned not just to turn to Mary, but also to keep my mind open to what happens next.

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Fr. Mark Miller, CSsR

God’s mercy ought not simply to free us from guilt, but to fire us with a thirst for justice, fairness and equality in our society.  Then perhaps we will learn lessons about balancing justice with mercy.

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Bishop Michael Smolinski, CSsR

Mary is totally integrated into and integral to the Church’s worship of God in the East.  She receives great honour in the East, and this honour is always coupled with and centered on Christ, her Son.  The Christians of the Catholic and Orthodox Eastern Churches love the Mother of God, and this love always draws them to loving God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

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Dr. Rebecca Spellacy

To observers of their times, Mary, Jesus and Joseph would have been just another ordinary family. They were poor, sometimes refugees, in many ways just getting by. However, in the midst of their low key way of life, God chose to become Man.

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Brendan Steven

The Church offers us a perfect model for fatherhood. That model is Saint Joseph, the foster father of Jesus. He’s the perfect counterpart to Mary, the model of motherhood. The fruitful creativity of Joseph’s fatherhood is a major theme in Pope Francis’ apostolic letter, Patris Corde.

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Dr. Anne Walsh, D.Min.

Jesus chose this un-named woman of little status. He reached out to her and healed her, just as we must reach out and offer what healing we can to those who need us, especially those who society might look down upon.

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