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The Ascension

On the feast of the Ascension, we like to imagine Jesus ascending into the clouds and being seated at the right hand of God. We imagine choirs of angels, flowing, robes – all clean, sanitized, holy and powerful images. But if we look into the human heart for Jesus, we see something much different.

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Taking a Knee

When we genuflect to the real presence, we are demonstrating our reverence for Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. We are holding dear the incarnation of God in Jesus who became one of us to share our life: a life of hope, dreams, joy, and a life of pain, suffering, injustice, and death.

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The Holy Family

The Holy family is holy, not because they were perfect and always had halos.  They were Holy because they were God’s, according to the writer Jean Allen.  She goes on to say that the Holy Family was consecrated to God, they had moments of belief and moments of doubt, moments of joy and moments of fear, moments of security and moments of insecurity, moments of faith and moments of doubt and questioning.  Just like our families!

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