Steve can provide a wide variety of services, from rock-bottom-budget videography to multiple camera events and HD-ready lavish imagery. He works well in a studio environment as well as on-location.

In the field, whether it be in Africa or Northern BC, Deme functions as field producer, always traveling in a team of two with two cameras. Working closely with a producer or client, either on-site or from home-base, Deme looks after all producer protocols (scouting, permissions, clearances and official bureaucracy.) He does the interviewing and oversees his assistant who is trained both as a sound man, second camera and production assistant.

His strengths are in the quality of the B roll footage and in general being able to fully carry out an assignment, often in quite rugged situations, as outlined by the producer/ client. His assignments have taken him to 27 developing countries and all over the Canadian North, as well as many other parts of Canada.

No assignment is too simple or too complicated. Raw footage can be handed over to clients "as-is" or digitized and outputted in any preferred format. Working closely with his company’s top-notch editors and web-savvy technicians, Deme can provide editing services on Final Cut Pro which can include significant audio work, picture correction, script-writing, licenced music and exciting graphics.

The final product can be outputted on video, DVD or upload-ready for YouTube or web sites.

Deme and his company also provide instruction in production and post-production.

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