The Name of God is Mercy

    God’s mercy ought not simply to free us from guilt, but to fire us with a thirst for justice, fairness and equality in our society.  Then perhaps we will learn lessons about balancing justice with mercy.

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Making Mercy Real

Pope Francis has been emphatic during his Pontificate to help Christians re-focus on the Gospel message of mercy.  “The Name of Our God,” he says, “is mercy.”  The coming of Our Saviour Jesus Christ is God’s great gift of mercy to sinful humanity.

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Idolatry and Despair

We need to stop and meditate, to ponder in our hearts like Mary did, on the first great commandment:  Love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and soul and strength.  That’s not a concept; it is a relationship.  Love is our calling. 

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The Sin of Apathy

What we are missing is how truly loving our God is, how close God is to us, and that this God’s love is given to us most especially as mercy, that is, as forgiveness of our sins to free us for service, particularly to our sisters and brothers in need.

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Attitudes in Prayer

When we pray, we are not throwing words into the Great Unknown, into some infinite and distant universe.  No, we are conversing with Our God. 

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The Gift of the Holy Spirit

 The Spirit works with each baptized person and with each community of two or three gathered in the name of Jesus to change bits and pieces of our world.

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Overcoming Prejudice

All of us are part of a society and a world that can be very hard on those who are not white and middle-class.  Black Lives Matter has become a plea not only to recognize individual prejudice but also societal attitudes that most of us absorb without thought. 

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Why Did God Create the World

 Rather than challenge God that He should have made a better world, we need to collaborate with God in Jesus precisely to transform this world by the power of the Holy Spirit into more of what God intended.  That is discipleship in the Kingdom of God!

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