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The Ethics of the Christian Community

The Greatness of Mary's Love for Us

Tears are a Language

Blessed Is She Who Believed

Fr. Mark Miller, CSsR
Edmonton-Toronto Redemptorists:

I began to realize that a great deal of our moral teaching tends to focus on actions by individuals-things like lying and gossip, or stealing or losing
one's temper, or sexual sins-such that when we talk about morality for
Catholics we automatically start thinking about topics such as abortion, euthanasia, and not going to Mass on Sunday as the failures or sins of individuals.However, something began to catch my attention over the years as I read the letters of Paul or Peter or James.

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Fr. David Purcell, CSsR
Edmonton-Toronto Redemptorists:

We know how much a mother can love her child, a child of her own flesh. Yet, each of us have experienced the impatience and limits of our own mothers. Mary reaches out to us through the Spirit of Love. Mary carries a pure love for us that never fades, is never irritable, but is always patient
and always kind, and endures forever.

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Fr. Babu Mathew, CSsR

Edmonton-Toronto Redemptorists:

Tears are a language. Tears express desires and touch hearts in a way words cannot. What we may not obtain through ordinary means may often be obtained through tears. There is something deeply moving about tears. When we see someone weeping, it can have quite an effect on us. The stronger the person who weeps the more powerful the effect is upon us.

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Fr. Philip Dabney, CSsR
Baltimore Province Redemptorists:

This beautiful icon of Our Mother of

Perpetual Help invites everyone who

comes to her to believe as she believed. What is it that she wants us to believe? "That what the Lord has promised will be fulfilled," will come to pass, will be realized.

And that promise has a name: Jesus.

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Marian in My Spirituality

Justice, Mercy and Compassion

Mary as My Guide


Ako Walker, CSsR
Redemptorist Novitiate:

I think of those suffering from cancer, HIV and AIDs, those thinking about suicide or addicted to some substance. I think about teenaged pregnant mothers, those who have no one to turn to when their case seems hopeless and then, I regard Mary as the mother of all who find themselves in difficult situations.

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Susannah Johnson
L'Arche Volunteer:

n 1988, when I was 18, right after high school I left for France where I
lived at l'Arche for 18 months. L'Arche is a French word meaning the ark and it is a community started by Jean Vanier, where volunteers work and live with mentally handicapped adults. It was love and adventure that got me there -as my boyfriend who was a year ahead of me in school had spent the year there, but it was love and adventure of a different that made me stay

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Amber Zolk
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Vancouver, BC:

Being in the presence of Saint John Paul the great really changed the
direction of my life. It was one year later that I began to work as a
full time lay missionary on university campuses. As a woman in the church,and particularly as a leader in ministry, I now often to look to Mary as aguide.

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Lord I Lift Your Name on High
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish School Choir

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