Catechetical Reflections

Through our videos & study guides









Welcome to this space.

As someone using the videos and study guides presented here, we are interested in your comments.


First impressions?


Deeper impressions?


Did you find yourself talking about the videos to others?


How did the lesson plans work for you?


Did you go right through the vidoes and lesson plans over a period of a few days or weeks? How did that work for you?


What kind of subjects would you like to see covered in the future?


Did these reflections and lesson plans inspire you to get more involved...with the Church, with Church ministries, with the Redemptorists?





Has your study group, class or parish group been inspired to learn more about the Redemptorists?


To look at their other web sites? To help out financially with their ministries?


Have you undertaken any projects as a result of this web site?


Drop us a note and we will publish your comments in this space.