Presenting Sr. Moira Quinn, OSsR




Introducing Blessed Maria Celeste Crostarosa
In her lifetime, Maria Celeste Crostarosa enjoyed an extraordinary union with her Beloved Redeemer. That is why on June 18, 2016 she was made a 'Blessed' in the Church for the edification of the faithful. Each of us is called to this union.

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Do You Remember the Call?

Early in my religious life I took as a motto the acronym, "JOY: Jesus, Others, You." The joy of living in a community which prays, works and shares leisure time together has helped me explore dimensions in my life I never dreamed of before entering.

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Mirror of Love: Our Mother of Perpetual Help

In the steady, loving gaze of our Mother in the Perpetual Help icon we can see that the thoughts and feelings of Christ filled her heart. And she says to us, "I love you, I share your concerns. Let me hold them as I hold my Son. Bring your concerns to me and Jesus will take care of them."

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Meet Sr. Moira Quinn, OSsR, Prioress, Redemptoristines of New York and Toronto



Sr. Moira Quinn OSsR is the prioress of the New York-based Redemptoristines. Redemptoristines world- wide are the sister community to the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, also known as the Redemptorists.

She is the author of Here I Am:

The Life of John the Baptist. (2014).


Book summary: Here I Am is a novel based on the life of John the Baptist. From the moment of his conception to his horrific death, you follow his life as a confused young man searching for his identity, to a man in love with a woman whom he cannot take as a wife, to the prophet who finally becomes the powerful voice of one crying in the wilderness, “Prepare the way!”
John and Jesus are cousins and playmates who gradually become aware of their destinies. One is the son of a priest with all the education and advantages that befit his class, while the other is the son of a lowly carpenter from a small, remote village.
Throughout John’s lifetime five special women help shape his life. All play a role in fulfilling God’s plan of mercy and love.


Sr. Moira is a frequent blogger on the Redemptoristine site

(www.rednuns.org) and recently attended the beatification ceremony of Redemptoristine foundress, Blessed Maria Celeste Crostarosa. Sr. Moira frequently writes about Blessed Celeste in her blog, citing often the writings of biographers Rev. Joseph Oppitz, C.Ss.R. (The Life and Message of Sister Maria Celeste Crostarosa) and Rev. Gerard Desrochers, C.Ss.R (Maria Celeste: Religious, Founder, Mystic).