Presenting seven new Age of Mercy homilies by Fr. Mark Miller, CSsR



Mercy for Sinners

We Christians live our lives in a great tension. We are sinners and that drags us down; but we are also healed by the Mercy of a God who cannot wait to kiss us on both cheeks, to welcome us home with a bear hug, and to treat us as beloved sons and daughters.

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Mercy Never Ends

Perhaps we all have an iamge that God is like human fathers, ready to judge, ready to punish, ready to admonish, ready to scowl at us because of our failures. But if this human father and mother could love their son right to the end, how much more can we depend upon the never-ending Love and Mercy of Our Father in Heaven.

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Justice? Or Mercy?

Bill surprised me with his words. "That is why I have no difficulty believing in God's mercy. I have seen what mercy means in a good man; so how could it be any less for God?" "Mercy," he added, "is the first and foremost a profound gift of Love."

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Let Us Have Mercy On God!

We generally forget the courtesy and gentle humility of God, who calls to us, seeks us out, offers us mercy and salvation. We forget what it meant for Jesus to leave his Godhead behind and become one of us, even to the point of suffering death on the Cross. So, we rail at God and sniff at the lack of response we seem to get.

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Spiritual Works of Mercy

We are Christ's disciples, indeed, because we become through baptism and Eurcharist the very Body of Christ, he wants us to provide us with a power for goodness that goes beyond our own instincts to hurt or be callous or retaliate or just be thoughtless.

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St. Alphonsus and the Gift of Mercy

Alphonsus knew the mercy of God in his life and he loved God with all his heart. Knowing this gentle presence of God in his life, he made sure to communicate it to all his people. He did not chastise in the confessional, he did not probe, except delicately if it might help the sinner deal with an issue or find another way to act; and he never threw anybody out.

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The Saints and Mercy

Mericiful people see with the eyes of God - they see their brothers and sisters in need or who are suffering or who are marginalized by war or poverty or mental health issues and they look for ways to bring healing and dignity to these situations in which people find themselves.

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Meet Fr. Mark Miller, CSsR








Fr. Mark Miller CSsR, D.Div. is the Provincial Superior of the English-speaking Redemptorists of Canada., founder of Redemptorist Bioethics Consultancy, and a frequent homilist contributor to the Redemptorist national TV program, Devotions TV (in honour of our Mother of Perpetual Help).on the air weekly for 22 years (VisionTV and Salt+LightTV).

The Redemptorist Bioethics Consultancy was begun in September 1992 by the Redemptorists of Canada in recognition of the needs of health care institutions for assistance with medical/moral decision-making in the complex issues of our day.


The consultancy makes its expertise and services available for all Catholic health care facilities and personnel in Western Canada. The consultancy is also open to other health care facilities and personnel seeking guidance in the many ethical questions facing health care today.


A native Westerner, born in Edmonton, Dr. Miller studied in Winnipeg, Toronto and Germany


before completing his doctorate in moral theology (1992) at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.


After receiving his doctorate, Fr. Mark spent 16 years as a clinical bioethicist working at and out of St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He has taught and provided workshops at Catholic Colleges, in adult formation programs, for Catholic teachers, and many health care practitioners. He continues his clinical ethics work part-time at the Centre for Clinical Ethics at St. Joseph’s and St. Michael’s Hospitals in Toronto.

Dr. Miller is the author of books and numerous articles on Bioethics.