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Ways To Get Involved



Redemptorists are involved in a big way helping people of all ages and stages become more closely involved with them, their ministries and the Church in general.



There is lots of involvement for young people, from teens to people in their 30s.


The best way to get started is to have a look at


Plug In To Christ



There is also lots of neat stuff on the Redemptorist regular web site


With Redeemer House in downtown Toronto as action centre, Redemptorist Fr. Santo Arrigo is creating a network of activities all over the country, starting with the six urban centres where Redemptorists have parishes.


Many of the Toronto initiatives, geared to explore and develop young people’s spirituality and idealism into social justice directions, are already in full swing in other Redemptorists parishes; others are waiting for the initiative of local young people.


Redeemer House in Toronto offers opportunities for young people to come together form all over the country to learn, discern and go back home to see how it all could be applied.


Take a special look at the S.E.R.V.E. Program.




Also Young Adults in Action (age 18-30) a program where young people are learning from experts about local needs and how best to help out.


Find out how to become involved in the Out of the Cold program for homeless during winter months. Or how to start one in your own Church community.


The Redemptorists are also involved in training youth ministers through their program Canadian Certificate in Youth Ministry.




There are study programs for men and women who wish to become more closely involved with Redemptorists ministries as lay missionaries and as lay associates.


And they are very interested in hearing from young men who believe they have a calling to the priesthood and to the Redemptorists.


Come and See Weekends are scheduled throughout the year in Toronto and across the country so that young men can explore their spirituality, learn about the Redemptorist charism, community living, the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, and much, much more.


Come and See


Don’t have time for the weekend? Try the on-line version: