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About Us


Welcome to Redemptorist TV. the Internet TV Channel of the Redemptorists of the Edmonton-Toronto Province.


The Redemptorists serve in six parishes and other ministries across English-speaking Canada.


Our media ventures highlight the Redemptorist love of Mary, the Mother of God, under the title of Mother of Perpetual Help. Over the past two decades, the Redemptorists have televised the weekly Our Mother of Perpetual Help Devotions on Vision TV and Salt and Light TV.


A highlight of these programs has been the Redemptorist homilies which have been appreciated for the way they connect the Gospel to issues of everyday life. Now on RedemptoristTV, we present, for the first time, thematic selections of the homilies for the classroom, complete with study guides (and ways to get involved, suggestions for deeper involvements with Redemptorist social justice activities) for teachers, students and lifelong learners.

Who are the Redemptorists



Worldwide, 6,000 Redemptorist priests and brothers work in 77 countries; in Canada, the numbers are few but the impact is strong. About 100 priests, brothers, deacons, lay missionaries and associates work across the country in parishes and a variety of ministries.


The Redemptorists were founded in 1732 by St. Alphonsus Liguori in the Amalfi region of Italy, near the city of Naples. St. Alphonsus was born into a family of privilege in 1696. His parents made sure he had the best of education.


By the age of 16, he had received degrees in both civil and canon (Church) law. It pleased his family that the young Alphonsus became a respected lawyer. At the age of 27, after a disappointing court loss, Alphonsus began his studies to become a priest. At the age of 30, he was ordained a priest.


In 1732 Alphonsus founded the Redemptorists, the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. This was a unique religious community at the time, a community committed to preaching the Word of God and dedicated to the poor people in the hill country outside of Naples.


After a difficult start, the Congregation spread to Northern Europe then to North America. In 1832 Redemptorists traveled to America from Vienna.


Redemptorists from the United States settled in Canada, making their first foundation in 1874 at St. Patrick's Church in Quebec City.


Today’s Redemptorists


Today, modern Redemptorists continue where Alphonsus left off. The Church is a place where all people have a chance to be with God in a very special way.


In Canada, Redemptorists care for parishes from coast to coast instilling in parishioners the love of God for each and every person. When people can't come to Church, the Redemptorists bring Church to the people.


Just like the first Redemptorists, our missionaries still travel throughout the year to rural parishes giving missions and preaching the Gospel anew, wherever they go.


Whether or not people are able to get to a physical parish, huge numbers turn to TV every week for a few minutes – and sometimes, hours– of spiritual direction.


With the TV Devotions, the Redemptorists are among the few Canadian Catholic communities who have managed

to create a TV ministry, one that is entirely paid for by its viewers.


And it is the only Canadian Catholic program that weekly features contributions from lay speakers along with the regular Redemptorist priests’ homilies. Over each year, the program reaches an estimated one million Canadian Catholics.


RedemptoristTV is an extension of the regular TV ministry, providing viewers with a 24-7 viewing experience. From RTV, viewers can quickly jump to the Redemptorist YouTube Channel where dozens more songs, homilies, stories about Redemptorists saints, and lay reflections about Mary are available.


An invitation to Canadian Catholics


Most of all, RedemptoristTV is an invitation to Canadians to find out more about the Redemptorists and their special service to people on the spiritual journey. And it’s an invitation to get involved in any number of the ways the Redemptorists work alongside the laity. And for those special people willing to take the plunge, to actually become consecrated into Redemptorist life, as a lay missionary or associate, or as a priest.